1-23-10 by dave

Well, you knew it had to come sooner or later.  The snow is a given, I am referring to the powder frenzy that has finally materialized after the long dry spell.  A Canyon closure this Saturday morning slowed the entire process down, though it did not dampen the spirit of the faithful as they showed up in full force.  The Canyon was restricted later, as there was  no more parking to be had , how about that!!.  My inside source said he got 4 trams by 2:00 PM. to give you an idea of the situation.  Little Cloud, Mineral Basin, Baldy, and Black Jack did not open leaving those areas prime for tomorrow.   The Canyon will be closing tonight at 9:00PM with inter lodge beginning at 10:00 PM.  The forecast opening will be 8:30 AM. so kick back and have more coffee in the AM.    Every thing is good to go now with the hill shaping up wall to wall.  Be sure to wear your Beacon if you have one just to be on the safe side.   I will be taking my time getting up there in the morning and will be checking out the Forklift Chair first thing while the mountain gets going.  I am remembering those empty Tram days in the recent past and think how nice the calm pace was.  Well the push is on so I am just going to kick back, chill and let the hungry have at it while I continue to haunt the ignored sections.  See you in the AM, sometime.   Join me at the Forklift if you want a ring side seat.   Ciao!!!

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