1-24-10 by dave

Sunday morning had the Canyon closed for work in the Am.  At 9:30 AM the traffic was backed up to Big Cottonwood and not even moving.  Shortly there after the Canyon was closed again for control work.    After waiting all morning for the Canyon this back up put the kibosh on my devious plans.  Dang!!!  Well, there are two good ball games on today, so I will just let that be the deal.  You know that it was going to be good if the lightness of the new snow on the trailer was any indication. With all the new snow I can’t think of one aspect that could be cautionary so I will just say to let ’em run as “The Chef” would say.  Blasting the gravity feed is the way to handle the ultra deep.  The general softness has mitigated the worst of the bumps, giving the shred fest the green light.   I am sure the Tram was backed up forever with, maybe, a Tram an hour  cycle.   Even the Forklift Chair seemed 10, 000 miles away for all intents and purposes, so I left notions of breakfast and began plotting the afternoon festivities.   Hmmmm, what to do if you can’t dance?  The sky cleared off in the valley during the afternoon with the storm clouds still hugging the hill signaling the end of this round.  Tomorrow should see an improved attendance factor with the frenzy sated for at least this short bit, leaving this time the time to be…. There!!!  With luck the Canyon should be open for the AM. ascent, providing those of us who could not hang a shot at the sauce on our own terms.  See you in the AM.  and Thanks for Skiing!!!

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  1. Tom Patton says:

    Will we see the wings any time soon?

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