1-25-10 by dave

The Snow board free ride competition began this Monday along with the  residual pent up demand for the product that was held off yesterday.  The Tram line was serious as well as the Peruvian chair which was taking the overflow for all the faithful who showed up today.  The new snow had set up on the West facing, leaving the North and East faces providing the softest and deepest offerings.  The Silver Fox section was cordoned off for the Competition.   It was not long until the entire open area was skied out.  By 1:00PM. every nook and cranny  had been worked pushing the harbor chop up into a real knee ripping froth.  The bumps really began to rise up out of the heavy traffic with every shot getting the build up, so be prepared to adapt to the variable sections.   Low and slow was how I was taking most of the sections.  Others were charging hard, but were taking a beating from the ratchet effect.   The skies cleared off in the afternoon making room for the faithful to get every last section wrapped up.  More snow is in the forecast so we are set for the next while with good entrances and filled guts.  The Cirque traverse still sports some bare reef on the very edge, requiring a slow and careful approach to the drop in points.  With the added pressure for the Tram, an extra early start is necessary to insure a first Tram morning.   I will be getting there extra early to take advantage of the quiet locker room and good line position.   See you then.

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  1. Rob Anctil says:

    Dave I am glad to see that the weather changed.

    Can you send me the dimensions of the wings?

    thanks ski on

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