1-26-10 by dave

Tuesday morning was quite a bit quieter than the last few days.  After the first few Trams walk on traffic was the rule.   Mineral Basin opened with ultra deep snow and the attendant frenzy to go with it.  The density was high and the untracked was best.   I took a solid run out there and made a return trip to the front to get away from the frey.   The West facing was very set up from the late afternoon sun that came out yesterday, rendering the sections very bouncy and problematic.  The dense snow of last week has morphed into stout harbor chop with only the groomers to find the smooth.  The snow over night was very dry and light, but did not buffer the boogie below.  I looked high and low but could not fine any solace from the chop, so I dialed down the pace , going for the slow and round approach.   Baldy and Little Cloud remained closed all day, perhaps opening for tomorrow, so stay tuned.  The roomy Trams were a special treat after last week end giving enough room to move around.  I keep thinking back to the Tango I shared with one of my friends earlier in the season, when there were only 15 intrepid souls on board.  Perhaps it will snow some more tonight to help with the  bump issue.  Perhaps some wind too, would be nice.   I am getting there  early for the best of it.  I think that it will be fairly quiet as most of the faithful have used up the favors, sick day,or whatever excuse, so  they won’ t be there.  See you dark and early!!!

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  1. walterklement says:

    I’m back with you. Great report as I was there to confirm.

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