1-27-10 by dave

Wednesday morning was backed up for the first Tram and then went back to back until the curious finally showed up to see if anything new had transpired.  The chop still inhabits most of the off trail shots requiring total blastage or a slow deliberate approach to avoid a case of over amplitude where your eyeballs wobble in your head.  You just can’t see with your eyeballs flappin, now can you?  The first 5 groomers were unbelievable with “do no wrong” consistency and just a hint of fresh flake to sweeten the deal. I was doing back to back rockers with no one in the way and nothing but down to go.  I did venture off the freeway on several occasions to get a sense of the condition, but was sent back to the smooth to keep the knees happy.  The deep crud really had the thick grabby texture, which only special skis seem to deal with.  We may get some more sun tomorrow  with the groomers being stellar right out of the gate.  Little Cloud and upper Baldy have still not been opened leaving some fresh for those who missed the last few days.  The Tram thinned out in the afternoon with the energy high among those who had held out that long.  On my last Tram an impromptu dance session broke out, beginning with a seeker who threw a  standing back flip right where he stood.  Not to be out done, another seeker proceeded to execute what can be referred to as a House Dance routine imported from the club scene in NYC.  It was really fun and right out of the ordinary, much like the Tango I did last month.  Good times!!!   We will see you tomorrow in the AM.   IBBY!!!

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