1-21-10 by dave

Thursday morning brought another round of the goods that every one has been waiting for.  The word is out that it is going off and those who have been holding off have been showing up for the fun.  I got an early Tram and what a bonus as the opening was delayed due to activity.  The wind was really transporting a lot of  the new snow to the North facing.  I was getting untracked in Silver Fox as the wind was filling it up for each run.  Mineral Basin opened later after Noon drawing off the crowd from the Tram and giving the front of the mountain a break.  That is where the wind factor came into play.  While the pressure was on Mineral the wind buff was ignored and untracked.  This snow had to be in the 10% range requiring all the speed you could bring to keep up the pace.  Most of the entrances are getting better and more cushioned, but still use caution on the most knobby passes.  The Canyon will be closed in the AM. so keep posted as you might.  The wind is going to be a factor over night, loading the North facing.  I am sure it will be well attended tomorrow so get  there as early as you can.  See you on first boat.  Ciao!!

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  1. matty clarke says:

    well said dave the back side of the cirque was buffed to perfection in the late afternoon, ill see ya up there in the am.

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