1-20-10 by dave

4 or5” of new fluff was added to the mix overnight, making Wednesday morning a blast zone of light frosting .   Visibility was variable throughout the day with some nice Sun to top things off.   Little Cloud opened with a wild start when the rope dropped.  The high density snow took a full on “Blast It” approach in order to slice right through it.  The new snow just blew out of the way.    Got great snow in Great Scott early on , but it got heavy traffic and became a tad lumpy.  Anderson’s Hill grew a crop of soft large bumps, sending me looking for other smooth sections.  Still bouncing off the bottom from time to time.  Looks like more snow tonight so check the road report in the AM. The entrances are getting more realistic with the new Spackle.  Use caution on those reefed out sections as they were catching lots of folks in the thicket.    Be looking for wind transport for the first call.  Over night wind can put a completely different face on things.  The traffic was moderate with the Tram getting cleared out as Little Cloud opened up.  Lots of good skiing to be had where ever you look.  See you early!!!

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