1-19-10 by dave

Tuesday morning was the one we were waiting for.  11% moisture content made for some very silky untracked runs, with the bottom still playing a role.  The wind was howling out of the West, transporting the lions share of the snow to the North and East facing.  These exposures were significantly deeper to the tune of knee deep.  Staying with the smooth shots got best results as the bumps were still in play.  The Faithful decided it was finally worth their while to make the effort, getting the big pay off  with goods to go.  Every shot was getting attention, uncovering the rastiness below, and knocking all the air out of it.  Strong work by the Team!!.  Mineral Basin was deep as well with variable visibility in the AM. , and getting some relief with an afternoon clear off.  The Strong wind set up all of the West facing, requiring a solid fall line approach to keep the speed up in the blast zone.  The density of the snow will be Spacklicious when it gets fully worked into place ahead of the next storm coming soon.  The dreaded ” harbor chop’ came up after 1:00PM with only one way to deal with it.  That would be, for me , slow and round.  The constant jarring plays havoc with my knees, so I called it good after 2:00 PM. and made a hasty retreat to the couch, where I am certain I can’t get hurt.  Some of the wind drifts were totally knee wrenching, and I felt fortunate to have escaped injury.  The, previously, scoured areas are still sporting massive reefage just below the new snow, so be aware of those entrances that were iffy just yesterday.  After this installment that will become less of an issue and the next round will provide yet another layer  of cushion.   Tomorrow will be an in between day I think and I will be looking for the outside shots that had been ignored in the variable light.  The Groomers should be soft and spreadable for the early risers.  I have been warding off the Messages From the BIG GIANT HEAD , but there is a point of no return on that score, so I will deal with it as it comes.  I’ll keep you posted.  Ciao for now.   IBBY!!!

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