1-18-10 by dave

There was a full inch of ultra light fluff on the trailer this morning and I had to brush off the array to get things going.  First Tram was not full and there were back to back trams available all day. 7” of 7% graced the hill with a tendency to bond to the hard pan underneath, though the bottom was fully in play.  I re traced all the lines I have been working all last week to assure a fairly smooth line.  The Wind was howling on the peak moving the product around, giving here taking there.   The new snow certainly helped the  situation , however, it as not enough to cover the hazards that lay just underneath the surface.  The sound of P-Tex on rock was plentiful as the faithful, who were in very low numbers, went after every last shred of fresh to be had.  I could not believe the shots that were getting hammered, or more accurately, the seekers were getting worked by the full on dry reef in all the usual places.  The West facing is totally crunchy underneath the new snow giving you a very bouncy ride.  the Cirque Traverse has been really stripped by the wind and traffic, especially down by the snow fence.  Use extreme caution as you get to that area.  Mineral Basin was a white out for most of the day with just a hint of sun peaking through for moments at a time.  As the day wore on the groomers had the harbor chop developing with a piles and tiles pattern making a long neutral turn applicable.  At 2:30 PM my knees were feeling the strain so I bailed to save them from wrenching of the harbor chop.  More snow is forecast for tonight , so check the road report in the AM.  The wind was blowing hard out of the South transporting the fresh to the North facing and hollows every where.   Look for the deep pockets in those areas.  It will be interesting to see if the faithful show up for the next batch,  as they shined today.  That was good for us.  I just caught a look at the Radar, and it looks promising.  See you in the AM.  IBBY!!

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