1-17-10 by dave

Driving up out of the shmegma this morning revealed a sunny and warm morning with very little traffic on the road as well as the hill. First tram was not full and walk on trams were available all day if you did not drag your feet.   The North and North East facing exposures still provide the strong goods with the deteriorating snow settling in for soft edging in long fingers of buff.  The edges of major runs are the place to find the smooth lines away from the bumps and the extra material pushed off by the constant traffic.  There is not much pressure for any of the goods, letting you take your time and draw out the turns for maximum feeling.  The warm day did loosen up the South facing  shots expanding the choices which are there to be found.  Tomorrow will still be busy, but I don’t think the lines will reflect the crowd.  Get there early for the excellent grooming surfaces where you have a race ready run set up just for you.   New sauce is being simmered in the approaching pattern on our door stop with the first wave moving in tomorrow.  I think this round is going to start off wet with the Spackle effect.  See you there for the early laps!!!

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  1. Rob Anctil says:

    Hi Dave:

    I wanted to say thanks for allowing Marcus Tofanelli to use the wings. He was able to ski the Cirque with just 3 turns. He loved them and it added to our great experience.

    Have fun always. As promised I will do my best to get your lame brothers to join you for some turns this winter.

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