1-16-10 by dave

No change in the overall conditions this Saturday with firmness the rule.  The smooth treads are still holding up with continued deterioration to the smoothness factor making those spots the go to places for as long as they last.  The Groomers  dug up some rocks on Anderson’s Hill, dragging debris down the fall line creating a hazard for the bottom of your tools.  Watch for that area.  The entrances to the big shots still pose problems with Scott and Silver Fox  particularly gnarly.  The Holiday crowd has arrived, out numbering the locals by a huge margin.  Walk on trams  are still going off, but with full loads more prevalent.  I am sure this will continue through out the week end.  Keep looking for the North and North East facing shots for the best lines.  Bumps on the lower mountain are well established with only the groomers to get you around them.  I don’t have too much to add today, so I’ll see you in the AM!!

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