1-15-10 by dave

Friday morning dawned with sunshine to start things off.  Mineral Basin offered the full on rock fest.  The Groomers were a bit chunky, though it skied well and fast.  No traffic on the Tram was the rule all day with only occasional full cars.  All of the smooth lines held up through out the day , but were beginning to show signs of  continued traffic with the shavings producing some wonderful buffage  to set the edge into.    MMMM  MMMM good!.  I kept hitting the spots to get the most out of them while they held up.  Great is great,  I keep saying that but it is no less true.  Look for those threads tomorrow as they are still good for ,at least, another day.  The South and South West facing have gotten continually stiffer and punchy.  West facing is quite crunchy and is not giving way to persuasion.   I will not be there tomorrow so I leave the goods to you.  New sauce is on the way, just you wait and enjoy the relaxed pace and great lines that are holding up just for you.  Go get it!!!

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