The Big Buff

2-28-09 by dave

The morning was quite cool but warming was promised and delivered.  Spent the morning out enjoying the sun in Mineral and found that the big pitches had been doctored so you have to go for that!!!.  The front side was buffed out as well with more big and unusual shots given the treatment.  A  bit of softness still remains from the last snow so every bit helps.   Very light attendance for a Saturday so the lines were quick and easy.  Tomorrow is going to be a bit warmer and some of the most direct aspects will be getting wet again so care should be taken on that score when they refreeze.  The high north facing is still   holding up and the bumps have mitigated quite a bit from the continued smoothing efforts of all of us.  Keep it up.  I slowed down in the steep groomed sections and took advantage of the dry dust that was piling up which would not be noticed at a higher speed.  Check it out for yourself as it is there!!!

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