Dust on Crust

2-27-09 by dave

The morning was cold with a wicked wind to match.  The hand of the wind scoured the entire slope.  Several inches of light fresh snow covered the very firm conditions.  This light snow really made the day.  It  gave a nice bit of tooth over all.  The high north sections are still cold and dry and they  were also helped by the wind later in the afternoon.  The remote trees have sizable bumps so be warned.  I am avoid-ant of bumps so I share these insights.  Winds backed off as the day progressed and the sun was feeling great.  Continued fair skies for a bit so  look for small peripheral lines where dust has piled up.  I have pulled back the throttle and dialed some more soul into  the turns since it is so hard.   It is much harder to stay in the pocket when it is this firm.  Tomorrow look to the high north facing shots and of course take advantage of the groomers which are so fresh!!    Consolidate for the next cycle !!!

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