Firm and Fast

2-26-09 by dave

The morning came up balmy again  with stout west wind blowing off the ridges.  Precious little transport left little in the way of relief from the last wet deposit.  The hill had a taste of the east especially down low.  I went out and hit the far north shots in the basin which were cooking up yesterday.  Hard, wind slabbed and supportable was the reward at the end of the traverse.  Ultra flat light made the details fade so you had to know it was good to go .  These sections will hold up well even with traffic as it is that firm.  West and south still have the heavy crust going so caution is advised.  The cat crew was busy last night and buffed some big terrain making lemon aid out of lemons.  The high school highway was buffed as well and was uncrowded and stellar.  The weather is calling for snow so keep your   fingers crossed .  Some of the less trafficked areas are getting some bump mitigation from the wind  so that is good.  Walk on trams again today set the stage  for a massive vertical assault if one were so inclined.  Continued traffic in all areas is creating some ski dust, just enough to get an edge into.  Lights were out but the sun did peak out several times.   With new snow be careful of the heavy bump areas and the brutal crust deposits west facing.  Take care!

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  1. David Harrison says:


    Perhaps a bit of political or philosphical comment with your slant could be incorporated into the daily blog.

    I did notice a couple of elevens in the cirgue last week and wondered if the young guns still let em run on occasion, or are they all on snowboards.

    Anyway, to turn is to admit defeat.

    Pray for the sandman to return and clean up some of the lame trash in TNA.

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