What’s That Noise?

2-25-09 by dave

A very balmy morning greeted the faithful this morning.   Stout wind on the peak had not moved any product so the groomers had a sugar frosted texture.  It was a very noisy morning on the hill but a quiet and low energy mood on the tram.  The wind deposited skiffs of buffage and made what would have been ho hum to wow!  The softening yesterday had left the crud frozen on the lower mountain.  The off trail was quite difficult.  It was like being fast forwarded 5 or 6 weeks.  Continued unsettled weather will help heal this as it has in the past .   Days like today make one take stock in how great it has been recently, oh yes it has!!!  Another special piece of extreme grooming was fresh and oh so steep this morning.   Thanks to the cat guys from all of us, Ye-ow!   I am betting on snow tonight as the temps dropped after 2 pm and the clouds rolled in looking like they had some promise.  The lights went out in a big way and I had to call the day good to go !

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