A Taste of Spring

2-24-09 by dave

This morning looked ominous with a big cloud hanging over the hill but it had moved off for first tram.  Very mild morning with wind and a promising day with sun.  Just as I had suspected the wetness from yesterday had frozen and made for some sever crustulation.  Staying on the groomers was the wise choice till the softening occurred.  The softness started happening at about 1:00 pm and the lower mountain was really carvable but a touch sticky in a couple areas.  The wind did not or could not transport any snow to speak of but it did buff the already smooth sections.  The sun was out in force and the wind built throughout the day. A few shots were blessed with a bit of filling but those shots were few.  As  the day drew to a close clouds came in from the north and the south dropping the temps quite a bit and the lower sections got really  fast.  They are calling for more good weather but I think any thing can happen so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  The bumps continue to grow and spread with added traffic but ignored areas are staying smooth.  The west and south facing saw the sun again today so expect the crust in those areas first thing.  The exotic high north facing still staying soft but has seen a lot of traffic.  Walk on trams all day so it is a matter of how much you can take.  I am out of here!!!

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