Prime Coat

2-23-09 by dave

The early runs were unreal on the groomers as the weather had not moved in yet.  1” of hydrovelvet covered the groomed shots like the living room shag; perhaps a nice avocado or vintage rust.  Again, how do you argue with perfect.  The snow started moving in with a fair amount of wind and made conditions quite soft.  Care still needed to be taken off trail as the very intermittent visibility proved difficult to negotiate.  Staying by the trees and known runs was the call .  The lower mountain began to get some rain  and snow often at the same time.  It finally decided on snow but weather started backing off in the afternoon and actually got the sun to provide a couple sunny regulators for the bonus round.  The forecast is not too optimistic about significant snow fall tonight so be aware of the lower mountain which got a bit gooey at the end of the day, there could be some chunks and grabbiness .  Maybe some sun tomorrow and honkin cruisers !!  Be there!

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