Lights Out

2-22-09 by dave

Approaching storm obscured that big yellow thing , which made a few brief but welcome appearances .   The flat light was mitigated buy some stellar machine work and cold dry chalk.  The sun yesterday warmed up the south and west facing aspects which got crusty and difficult.  The north shots remain cold and dry but popular sections are getting bumped and are no longer blastable.  Care  in these areas would be wise. Wind was variable and seemed to change direction with elevation but not strong enough to work any magic so use your wave knowledge when the new snow arrives.   Reports are for snow beginning tonight so that is encouraging.  Attendance was light today with walk on trams and quick lift lines.  There were a lot of folks on the slopes which made the lower mountain tricky.  Out of area was open again today !!!  The clouds thickened after noon which helped keep the snow nice.  Stormy all week so the fix is in .  Ciao!!!

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