Is That Corn?

3-01-09 by dave

Today dawned flat and balmy with moderate wind out of the south ahead of the next system coming next week.  The higher temps made the overall texture much softer and user friendly.  The sun came out later and warmed things up considerably.  This warming will translate to crustage with the overnight freeze.   It was wonderful to get that taste of spring corn.  More stellar grooming of some tasty shots really raised the fun quotient.  The big north facing is getting smoother with wind and wear providing a , much more, knee friendly ride.  Access to the upper cirque is still interesting but doable so make a note.  Far reaches are still quite cruddy and tests all one’s skill.  I am still dialing back the speed to take advantage of the sweet velvet placed here and there.  The weather is changing and will bring snow , but when is a toss up.  I am staying with the smooth aspects and will be slowly working some of the tight pockets.  The light and visibility will be a concern in the next few days so staying with what you know is recommended.  I have been noticing quite a few injuries coming off the hill so use your best judgement; you know what I mean.  Later!!

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