3-11-14 by dave

The Faithful were treated to a  sweet parfait treat as the hill was covered with 13” of medium density Essence that felt like frosting a cake with a paper knife.  The density cushioned the old crust, and with the exception of the residual interference patters, the bottom was only a faint echo of the old layer.  Hoots and hollers could be heard reverberating all over  the hill as folks were overwhelmed with the STUDIO quality of this installment.  Mineral Basin opened with full on face shots greeting the seekers who were not disappointed with the cold facial treatment.  Though the Harbor Chop built up in the high traffic areas, the soft consistency kept me going as I looked for the outside lines and pockets.  Lake Effect ultra light kept falling all day long with the Sun only peaking through the clouds for a few minutes, which kept the quality from thickening.  Tomorrow, look for a clear day with warming temps as the Sun will be working the snow pack.  Be sure to hit those direct aspects early before they get baked off.  There should be a few spots that still have freshies once you can see what is going on.  You can expect a bit of the bottom to be in play after the hill got worked over, and the interference patterns to build quickly with the traffic pushing the amplitude up.  Of course the Groomers will be killer as the new product gets worked into the mat.  Here is a shot of Sinners Pass looking very trippy in the quasi light.  Stay Frosty!!DSC01878

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