3-10-14 by dave

The weather dude had predicted a storm day for today, but kept pushing the start time back as the system decided to drag it’s feet getting here.  The wind was cranking on the ridge tops and it looked like the wind lines should be building, but all the loose snow was still moving and finding a landing spot only in the low spots between the interference patterns.   Those South and West exposures were still super crispy and needed to be avoided.  Fortunately, the Groomers on the Peruvian side of the hill were providing some sumptuously smooth lines top to bottom.  Due to the light, wind and exposures, I avoided a drop into Mineral Basin, though it was calling.  Regulator was blown clean, with the corduroy nap the only bit of traction that was available.  Over on Gad 2 the trees were beginning to gather the blowing snow, which was filling in the variations.  Tomorrow, look for what ever accumulation is delivered by this impulse, though there is no telling how much will be put down.  The density should be medium to high, so the cushion will be a nice addition to the pack.  With enough cover, those crispy aspects will be mitigated a bit, but a cautious approach to those aspects is advised.  The High North is still holding the overall smooth, with the rumble the only issue there.  Visibility should be an issue if the precipitation continues through the day.  Here is a shot of the peak with the wind clearing the folks off as soon as they can get off of the top.  I tried to get the blowing snow, but it had already been taken elsewhere.  Here is a shout out to the folks from Philly, who were stoked and ready for the day on the bench in the morning. These folks got all of it, and were spent when I saw them on the very same bench in the afternoon.  I know they had a great time.   Deja Vu.  Peace Out!!DSC01955

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