3-12-14 by dave

As anticipated, the morning brought bright Sun, cool temps, and the opening of the areas that were held off yesterday.  Mineral Basin called the folks who flocked to get the fresh lines out on the  Bookends, and they worked all those lines in short order.  The Quality was very nice with effortless turns top to bottom.  Only those South faces still has any echos of the old layer, and the High North was just plain Blower.  On the front of the hill, the Grooming was very silky and dry on both sides of the ridge, with the off trail still offering cold soft depth.  The interference patterns are developing slowly, though they do have long round troughs that let you smooth out the ride.  As the day warmed up the South faces really began to bake, but it is that time of year.  The morning crew took a Lewis and Clark lap, finding untracked, wind blown goodness top to bottom, with no traffic.  We were fortunate to get the Ski Patrol Gully opening, where the turns were as good as it gets.  Here is a shot I took as Mr Scott and Pistol Pete spooned these turns in the first exposure.  I put my turns right next to them to farm the lines.  Sooo Good!!! Here is also a shot of the Sunday Cliffs as the faithful were getting after it.DSC01960DSC01957  Tomorrow, look for there still to be nice soft snow on the Shaded areas, some crispy lines on the exposures that took the Sun, and top to bottom goodness on the Groomers.  It should be another Blue Bird day, so get there early for a full day of soft snow dancing!!   Ciao!!

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