3-13-14 by dave

There was a  nip in the air this morning, but the air was still and Mineral Basin was calling with bright sunshine bathing the bowl.  White Diamonds was given a perfect buff, delivering a first run extravaganza with smooth steep perfection.   The Lewis and Clark foray revealed some new and exciting lines that has been freshly machine worked for the first time this season. Nice touch.  The Front Side offered dry chalky smooth, with Lower Primrose Path featuring a light dusting of wind transported snow  covering the fresh groom work.  That bottom pitch was worth the price of admission and, it held up all day long.  The cool air seemed to hold off the warming, leaving most exposures free of the Sun damage that would be expected.  The softness remains and good lines are available, though everything is tracked out, but the crud is still fully blastable.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to offer the best of the morning fun, the off trail to still be holding some of the soft cold snow, and the Sun to beDSC01967 shining on the hill again.  Interference patterns are still building up in the high traffic areas, so expect to have to work a bit to get through those sections.  It is easy to get around them, but they are there if you want to throw down.  Here is a shot of my friend Brophy and the Jones girls hanging out on the peak and getting ready to shred the smooth lines.  Rock it ladies.  See you in the AM.  IBBY!!

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