3-15-12 by dave

Just a dusting!!

Yesterday’s snow flurries left a beautiful dusting on the High North aspects, particularly the North facing in Mineral Basin, where the 1” of fluffulecence went begging all morning, so I was obliged to partake of the rarity.   The front side of the hill was still dark and crispy, though the tenderization efforts did not go unappreciated.   The only softness I found all day was the dusting of Essence.  Here is a shot of the turns I left on that sparkling gem.  The bottom was that dry chalky wind slab, with the frosting on top.   Might as well have been 40” of Zero % for the luxury of the vacant lines.  The Cirque Traverse is very icy and not really worth the effort, but if you do go out there are some smooth lines to be found on the East facing, so scope the lines as you go up.   The Freeride Competition is being held this weekend, so Silver Fox will be closed tomorrow to facilitate that event.   Watch the folks give it all they have on some very challenging conditions. I had to give it to them today for stomping those seriously crispy lines, with air included.  Formidable!!!!  Tomorrow, look for a mix of Sun and clouds as the next system moves into the area for the next while.  Very firm conditions will persist, so stay with what you know, or look for  the smooth  to avoid the deep relief interference patterns.   Mineral Basin saw a lot of Sun today, so if is cold in the AM., there will be some issues back there till softening occurs.   Possible Sun will help, but I expect some very firm conditions back there.   Peace Out!!!

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  1. RickyD says:

    Nice turns GUU!!!

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