3-16-12 by dave

We squeezed out most of the day under sunny skies before the clouds moved in ahead of the next system for this weekend.  The  Morning still felt a touch brisk with the stout wind blowing, but the high angle Sun was working the hill slowly and in order.  The Grooming crew did a great job tenderizing the hill, with the Peruvian side offering some deep sugar top to bottom, which felt really good under foot.   The Gad side of the hill, however, was another story, with the tenderization material blown off the slopes leaving them bullet proof and highly glazed.  They waited until after 1:00 PM to begin to softening


up, after which they were great until the dreaded sticky spots cropped up like those we get in late May.  Doh!!!  The Free ride comp was going off, with some unbelievable runs that really struck me senseless knowing the present difficulty factor that exists on those exposures.  Really a revelation and an inspiration to watch.  The lights went out after 3:00PM, leaving the last minutes of the day in flat light, but we all got the lion’s share. The High North is still holding the cold dry chalky feel, but lower down the softening has crept up.  Tomorrow, look for some very firm conditions, with little Sun to soften the hill, high winds out ahead of the front, and perhaps some wind issues for the Tram.   The tenderization efforts are best for the first hour of the day before they get worked over, so plan on an early start, or wait for some later dubious softening.    I will be resting my legs tomorrow, so stay safe and check out the competition.   Here is a shot of the white room where the Snow Elemental – on the left- looks out through the crystals while speaking to me telepathically.  He said big snow is on the way, look out!!!   Peace Out!!

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  1. blizzyshred says:

    Thanks for great birdseye observations and predictions for weekend….our trip from norway has been a blast…be back soon for more bird!

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