3-14-12 by dave

The winds were a bit more realistic this morning, with the Sun shining brightly in Mineral Basin.   The front of the hill is still dark with the late Sun, but was offering some seriously firm conditions after the overnight wind further scoured the playing field, leaving a hard crusty glaze.   Wide spread tenderizing efforts helped the grip, but there was no hope for Regulator which was totally bullet proof.   Smooth wind lines were to be had out in Mineral Basin where the wind had deposited the last vestiges of loose snow on some of the creases in the hill.  North facing is still favored, with the other exposures still very difficult and crusty.   The weather system started to move in during the afternoon, with some light flurries falling, but just teasing.   Tomorrow, look for a similar situation, so a later start is advised to let the Sun get higher in the sky.  After Noon the softening will begin, making the afternoon session much more approachable.  I am going to be there for the early Trams regardless.   Here is a shot of some very interesting clouds that were moving through the Valley this morning.     IBBY!!


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