2-01-10 by dave

Mineral Basin offered beautiful boot deep fluff overnight, and in combination with the wind, made the big shots wide open and ripping.  The wind had smoothed out the sections and the light traffic made it a lap fest back there.   Yummm yumm yumm.   All of the high aspects were excellent as well, with wind loading in some of the guts.  Again, light traffic made the out of the way shots hold out longer with a greater overall quantity of untracked for each seeker.  Beautiful sun  gave us the great visibility that we have been lacking during the installment phase.  Sections are really filling in and entrances becoming better daily.  Still, watch the popular entrances as they get sketchy very quickly.   Tomorrow will be a great high speed rock fest with race ready smoothness top to bottom.  Love the top to bottom boogie, especially with the Wings.   The long arm of the dark side summons me for the next few days…. Resistance Is Futile…. I will post via remote viewing, so stay tuned.   END TRANSMISSION!!

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