2-02-10 by dave

There was a very bright Sun Dog around the sun during the day Tuesday, once again signaling the approach of a pattern change.   The mountain remains fairly soft on most aspects with the North and East having the softest pack underneath the newer snow.  The last 3 days have been awesome with some of the best snow of the season going unrecognized, leaving the more than reported powder a bonus for those who showed up.  The chop still is lurking under the softer snow lowering the blast factor in favor of the knee relief.  The Groomers were full on with the flat light making the Peruvian and Gad side  dark but reliable.   Mineral Basin still had soft snow out on the North facing shots , though the South facing has seen some Sun creating some crusty areas.  The wind was kicking up, so perhaps that will fill in some of the big shots with some of the transported goodness.  Look for that first off.  I will be attending the mandatory sessions held off planet. I will be posting as best I can.   Rock out for me!!!  Ciao!

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