2-03-10 by dave

The remote viewing device indicated a Wednesday that saw a tad more Sun than other areas, with flat light a distinct impression.  You can bet on any of the Groomers for instant rock and roll for, at least, the first 5 laps.   Where else can you let them run quite like that.  I have been watching a lot of World Cup and marvel at the angulation and shear traction they get.  Those wide open mornings give me the feel of a race ready run.  Granted, I’m never going to get my butt 3” off the ground, but at least the opportunity to really dig in is there.  Got to love the carve!!  Look for wind transport on the North and East exposures that can  be good to go and wind buffed rare.   More snow is coming… I don’t know when, but the signs were insistent this week.  The slide debris is beginning to get covered up , just be careful of the large appliance sized chunks.  Most areas are fully good to go with only the South facing getting the Sun influence this week.   Well, I must continue the my deliberations with The Dark Side again tomorrow, so I know you will rock a run for me.  ” Thanks for Skiing”   END TRANSMISSION:

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