1-31-10 by dave

Sunday’s snow  was so light and fluffy that it was surprising after the heavier density we have had as of late.  There was a fair showing of faithful for the foggy conditions and the 4 inch report.  Fortunately it was more like 14” of super fluff that was unaffected by wind or slough.  Mineral Basin sported better visibility with no line inviting rapid fire laps to take advantage of the low traffic.  Moving to the front of the mountain had untracked lines all over as the usual suspects were not present to do the requisite mop up work.  I took a lap out to the far Gad 2 area to find that Tiger Tail was still the only run out there.  The new snow made the bumps a tad more tolerable, but they took a toll on my knees and I had to call it a day after most every thing was skied out.  Visibility did not improve as the day progressed keeping the sun damage from playing a role in the quality.  Continue to watch the entrances and choke points that get scraped off regularly as they can be tough to get by without some bottom abuse.  The bump situation is still a widespread issue making me look to the sides and knolls for respite from the hammering.  If I can’t do that I am still doing the low and slow boogie to get through them.  Tomorrow will feature awesome groomers right off the bat, with a low attendance to make the pace a top to bottom fest.   Looking forward to some lighter Trams with some visibility.   My journey to the Dark Side begins Tuesday so hold positive thoughts for me.   Ciao for now !!!

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  1. Harley P says:

    After making first tracks down Baldy on Sunday morning, the bumpy conditions caused us to ride over to Gad 2. Your right about the widespread bumps, but to our dismay, Gad 2 was worth the morning and afternoon runs. 4″ felt like 2 ft. Aggen and I will look for you next time we are up there….Maybe this Sunday.

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