1-30-10 by dave

The weather dude was calling for 10 days of dry weather just the other day.  Signs in the sky told me that was not going to hold up.  Saturday morning saw the clouds hanging on the peaks with dubious visibility a distinct possibility.  Needless to say I was not there for the festivities, but you can bet the Groomers were cooking from the get go.  The off trail offers challenges in the way of set up ratchet chop and fully developed bumps in many locations.  The forecast is for more snow tonight and into tomorrow giving us a fresh installment for the faithful.   I must point out that THE BIG GIANT HEAD has called me  off planet for an important meeting concerning dark matters in the continuing Dark Matter Wars that continue, Galaxy wide, unbeknownst to the average seeker.  Needless to say I will endeavor to get posts through using my newly refurbished Sub Space link, which was, as you know, knocked out by an errant sluge of coffee during a morning post.  This was all thanks to the capable technician who fearlessly pulled the unit apart and worked the magic that save the entire link.  How they learn this stuff I will never know.  Remember the sketchy entrances getting into those usual tricky spots that you know have been hammered by the recent traffic into these popular shots.   Over all, you can ski most shots with good results.  Be aware of the large areas of slide deposition that present problems and caution should be used.   See you all there in the AM.   IBBY!!!

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