1-29-10 by dave

The Tram was down for the first bell, sending the assembled faithful to the chairs for the opening of the last remaining closed areas.  Extensive slide activity littered the majority of the slopes with fingers of undisturbed wonder.  Huge chunks of slab litter the run out below the upper release zone where raw mountain lurked just below 5” of light density fluff.  Ouch!!  East facing is holding the softness as well as the North shots. Good lines can be found every where if you look closely.  The Upper Cirque is filling in nicely offering a more reasonable line  going through the choke points.  The West facing is very crunchy underneath the new fluff,  feeling quite bouncy.  The groomers were so smooth and remained very consistent all day, resisting the bump up.  There was a huge Sun Dog around the Sun today, indicating weather upstream.  The Sun angle is decidedly a factor for the direct exposures.  I encountered a Sun crust  which required a more aggressive technique.  I went looking for softer snow by clocking around the bowl a bit.  Watch for large slide debris on Anderson’s Hill, it is large and hides in the flat light.  Tomorrow could be busy , so I will be  busy aligning the antenna for next week.  Hit it hard for me,  Later!!

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