4-15-12 by dave

The first few Trams of the morning were depositing the early crowd into milk bottle visibility as light snow continued to fall.  The density of the cloud cover made the upper mountain difficult to discern the tree lines that were the only reference points to guide by.  Further down the hill there was a bit more detail, but my equilibrium was tweaked severely, sending me to the Forklift Chair until the clouds began to lift out.    A bit of freshness had fallen, but not nearly enough to mitigate the stiffness of the off trail crud, which had set up after yesterday’s temperature rise.  Over all the smoothness is holding up after the new installments have mitigated the interference patterns.  The High North is still holding up well, though, after the Sun came out today, there might have been some thickening even on those shady exposures.   Remember the smooth lines from the past few days to avoid the combination of  tracked out rumble and high traffic areas that were getting the lions share of the traffic.   Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be reworked, and, like today, will be offering some very nice lines on the prepared surfaces.  The PSIA is now in residence, getting in line for the first Tram a bit early, so get the jump on the push by lining up a few minutes earlier.  I did my usual thing this AM. and was fully 3 Trams out before I got on.  These folks will be widely spread out over the hill, so be sure to give them the room they need to do the demonstrations.  Be sure to stop and check out the Demo Team members modeling the  techniques, where you can pick up many important pointers if you watch closely.  Be there early for the best of the day.  Here is a shot of the Creek beginning to show signs of the return cycle, even while the accumulation phase of the cycle continues.  TTFN!!

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