4-14-12 by dave

This weather pattern is moving slowly from the East , making the day intermittent, with the rain making a relaxing patter on the Trailer.  I took the day off today to get a recharge for the week.  The report only called for 2” overnight, but I suspect there was a touch more than that in spots.  They are talking about more tonight as well, so I am anticipating a morning to be excited about.  The coverage is getting better and the mountain is smoothing out nicely.  I don’t think there will be much Sun damage to the snow pack, though it is thickening with the warmer ambient temps, and the lower elevations might have a bit more chop.  Mineral Basin has been great these past days, and I have been grooving on the extended range, especially after skiing the corn earlier in the week.  What a difference a few days make.   Here is a shot of the Book Ends from a distance.  It has smoothed out nicely.   IBBY!

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  1. Kyle Wagstaff says:

    Backside got about 6″ of medium/light density last night–just remember where all the smooth spots were before the storm rolled in.

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