4-16-12 by dave

It was a surprisingly cold morning with a brisk wind and Sun shining brightly.   There had been some accumulation overnight, which had filled in some of the lines that screamed for attention.  The sparse local turnout let the few who worked the sections partake in a leisurely manner as there was no push for the off trail lines.  The PSIA crew was working the big groomers in large groups, taking advantage of the dry Winter chalk that made the wide open avenues perfect for working the carve turn.  The cold temps kept the snow from going South for quite a stretch into the day. The far reaches were offering some interesting lines, but the Sun and warm temps of the last few days, began to set up untracked areas, where the highest exposures were still cold, but lower down the zipper crust was problematic, so an excursion out to those areas are disappointing.   Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to once again be still holding the cold dry chalk, making them good to go early on.  There is a forecast for some precipitation going into the morning hours, so you might encounter some visibility issues, but the spring crustiness will be held off for another day.   Here is another shot of the rare Mountain Mushrooms that sprouted up magically very close to the main run.  I managed to spot them and get this shot before they evaporated in the afternoon Sun.  Beautiful things are fleeting and you have to be there to see these.  See you for first Boat!! Ciao!!

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