4-17-12 by dave

The rain was pelting the Trailer this morning, making me think twice about going up, as the temps seemed warm.  I had the juice going, so I went up on time and hit the line early to avoid the PSIA jam for the opening bell.  On this morning they missed the window, with first Tram leaving with only 11 of the faithful on board to sample the  new installment of late spring Spackle.   The high density skied very nicely on the groomers, but did not mitigate the rumble on the off trail sections that had left over chop from yesterday.   Visibility was marginal, however, there was enough reference from the trees to reflect the light.  The low first Tram turn out enabled a quick lap through the sumptuous frosting to get yet another sparsely packed Bucket.  Bonus for those of us who made the effort to get the jump on the day.   Mineral Basin was a milk bottle, so I stayed on the front side to take advantage of the better visibility.   Tomorrow, look for, perhaps, another dose of overnight flurries that are predicted to move through.  It was raining at the bottom when I left the hill at 1:00PM, so the underlying crud could be problematic down low, but the groomers should still be offering the big mountain smooth.  You just have to pretend you hiked a long way to be there.  I often times forget the quality of the terrain after the up hill rapidity of the lift service.  Those first 5 runs this morning were special, in that I knew that the quality untracked I was scoring was going to be gone the next run, so I dialed in the deep absorption turns to get as much of  the deep  drink  of each cycle and release as I could.   MMMM  Good! Here is a shot of the first Tram looking spacious and rare.   You just had to be there, or not!   IBBY!

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