4-18-12 by dave

It was raining on the Plaza this morning as first Tram left the dock.  The rain turned to snow just a few hundred feet up the hill, with the peak offering some Winter snow covering the dance floor wall to wall.  The groomers were the best call, with untracked frosting cushioning the smooth lines.  You had to know that farther down the hill it was going to morph into a soggy mess, but for the upper two thirds of the hill there was nice carving.  There was a small band of transition snow that felt like glue, which segued to a granular corn feel as the snow turned to rain.  You came off the hill looking like a glazed doughnut after the rain had frozen on impact, but the turns above were well worth the soaking.  The rain turned to snow as the temps dropped, but it was just on the edge of transition, threatening to return to the liquid form at any minute.  Later, it did, soaking the crud down low, leaving it very difficult to punch through the thick piles.  That was my cue to head for the home 10- 20, and to avoid possible injury.  Tomorrow, look for the groomers to have been worked, offering some smooth sliding, with the fresh deposit mixed into the mat.  The off trail will be dubious, but might still be soft up high, especially on the High North aspects.   Get there early for the best of the day.  I think we might begin to see some Sun, so the quality will go South as the day heats up.  See you on first Boat.   IBBY!!

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