11-29-09 by dave

Sunday morning was cool and quiet.  A mere handful made first Tram leaving the run wide open for what every you had in mind.  I opted to ski under the snow guns taking advantage of the fresh  frosting placed continually under them.  Each run had a fresh covering as the traffic was so light that no one was taking advantage of the goodness.  It  was there for the  taking and I am sorry but I took it all !.  The traffic was a bit more condensed lower on the mountain where the lift was letting folks off.  The Lunch Run is now open and has good cover giving a choice of  access to the  Gad restaurant area.  Big Emma was still smooth, however, a bump line had been established to the right of the grooming giving those who wish to take advantage of that feature another option.  I did not see any nasty snags in the troughs so it might be alright.  You know that I avoid bumps at all costs, so I did not sample that line personally.  It is still  ” STRONGLY’ suggested to avoid the Bass Highway as it is still really difficult and snaggy.  One more night of snow making and it might come together . We will have to wait and see.  They had guns on it today and it is quiet close, so I have a good feeling  about that.  The first Tram should be quiet and perfect for early morning training runs which become impossible when the run  gets more populated.  The Shuttle is still the best access back to the center with regular cycles, so waiting is not a problem.  See you on first Tram for the untracked under the guns!!!  P.S.  be very carefull of the Black Ice in the bottom third of the canyon.  It is prime right now and will get you if you are not aware of it.  Ciao!

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