11-30-09 by dave

The hand full of faithful, who showed up Monday morning were treated to a personal tram with your closest friends sampling the buffage the snow guns produced overnight.   Machine Gun Powder!  Regulator was re-groomed and the new man made was frosting on the cake.  The Bass highway is still not recommended, leaving the shuttle to get you there , but you do not miss any Trams with the present schedule.   The snow under the guns remained soft as the day warmed up , but did not get too soft.  Tomorrow morning will , no doubt, bring more of the same sweetness in the AM. so get there early for the best of it.  There is no bump development on the main runs leaving the covered rocks  safely out of harms way.   There is lots of great energy coming up the canyon as new comers arrive each day with great anticipation.  Well not much to say so we will see you on the Boat!!

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