11-28-09 by dave

First Tram  Saturday morning had  7 folks on it.  It was like having a private club, what a treat.  Regulator had been re groomed and was firm to say the least.   You could get an edge into it , but  I did not want to get going too fast at any time.  The snow under the guns was buttery and un tracked all the way to the bottom.  I stayed as close to the guns as i could. Those early runs really pay off. The Tram was running on a 15 minute schedule, so there was no way to get a back to back.  I tried to navigate the Bass Highway twice and just gave up, opting for the shuttle buss to get back to the center.  It worked out well as I was getting to the Tram 4 or 5 minutes before the Tram left, requiring no hurry.   Two Trams an hour was the best you could get.  The better option was to just stay on Zoom  laping it, and the snow lower was better.  The Bass Highway is NOT RECOMMENDED.  More snow making tonite might give them a chance to hit the two areas that were impassable, so a look see in the AM would be advised.  There is still plenty of soft loose snow on the main run to bleed off speed, it is best to aim for the piles and be as direct as possible.  No lift lines and very light traffic on the hill helped make today a  good training day.  It must be noted that the porcupine, that had hung for at least 15 years in the Animal Grove, is now gone.  It has been a constant over the years and the pelt has blown to the ground getting buried under the snow.  It is not a sad thing, just a time marker that is all.  Where does it all go!!!  Be there for first boat and get some freshies!!!

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  1. sounds like fun hi martin

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