2-12-17 by dave

The weather was clear and cold to start the day, with Mineral Basin offering fresh tracks out on Powder Paradise, and later when the Sunday Cliffs opened.  The micro climate that was happening there during the storm, made the quality of the Essence absolutely spectacular, with blower depth and cold smoke trailing in  your wake.  There was a push for the early Trams, but getting out back bought you a quick turnaround to the goods that were standing up in the cold air.  Later in the morning, the Exotic Trees were happening, with more delightful Essence deep in the trees that held up for quite a while.  I stopped in to the Gad 2 Patrol Shack to inquire about the density profile and got this shot of Margie and Frankie soaking up the glorious morning rays.These two are an amazing team, and you know you are in good hands when they are around.  Thanks for the 411 on the density profile Margie!!  On the front of the hill, the off trail was variable, with some stiff rumble, but there were wind affected lines that felt sugar smooth and tasty, sending me back for seconds.  The Groomers were also stellar, with only a hint of that rain event echoing from time to time.  With the clear cold skies, the peaks stood out in super 3D.  Here is a long shot down the Canyon, capturing the amazing quality of this past installment.  Tomorrow, look for more great turns all over the hill.  The morning temps. may be cool once again, and the Groomers and wind lines will be offering more delightful consistency.  If you use a bit more deliberate turn approach, you can mitigate some of the chop that has built up off trail.  The interference patterns will be rebuilding as the traffic works the hill, but there is plenty of big mountain smooth to dial in some ripping turns.  The hill is once again in great shape and that brief rain event is just a footnote in the season.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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