2-13-17 by dave

It was a beautiful morning, with warmer temps. and only a fair breeze on the upper elevations.   The White Diamonds – Lower Silver Dipper line was buffed, making that line a real steep treat for the Morning Crew.  Lone Star was also given the industrial smoothing for the first time of the season.  Few were hitting that line and I was able to get a couple of un tracked corduroy runs there.  Here is a shot of White Diamonds during my first run.  This is a very steep shot, but it still looks like Big Emma from this angle.  None the less, the faithful were getting after it there and leaving trenches in the buffed surface.  On the front of the hill, smooth lines had been prepared top to bottom, with some wind deposited dust just to make it that much more silky.  I had to pound out a few extra laps on both sides of the hill to dial in as much of that baffage as I could.  Here is a shot of Boundary Bowl getting some nice lines in the fresh Essence that was waiting for those who wanted to hike to get the goods, and good it was!!  Tomorrow, look for more great Grooming to be on tap on all sides of the hill.  That rain layer is beginning to reflect through on the lower elevations of the hill, but there is ample traction to keep the turns consistent.  The High North is still holding cold shaded goodness, and some of the more worked sections are responding to the traffic by getting even smoother.  Got to love that development.  I had the pleasure of meeting the Tar Heels of Chapel Hill NC. on the Plaza this afternoon.  They are avid readers of the site and were having a great day on the hill.  I told them to stay with the smooth and that they did.  I know they had a great time getting the dry dust that was just waiting to be dialed in.   Be there early for the best corduroy, just waiting for you to shave off the nap.  Speed Safely!!

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