2-11-17 by dave

The rain pounded the skin of the Trailer all night long with a cacophonous din that signaled big dumpage up on the hill.  There was a very early and heavy push for the goods, backing the Canyon up clear to Big Cottonwood.   The mountain got partially open with the 9 AM bell, but sections would have to wait until control work was complete.  The new installment was medium density, with the steep high elevation aspects having slid, with the low angle sections holding the full depth.  With the crowd on hand, none of the fresh openings lasted very long.  Still, it was great to have that much added cover to give the hill a fresh surface for the coming week.  This is a shot of the Bingham Mine that I took yesterday as it emerged from the cloud cover.  It is great to still have the clear air filling the Valley.  Tomorrow, look for a sunny day with moderate temps., fresh lines still waiting in the wings, and Groomers that will be deep shag smooth. The traffic should still be fairly heavy, but using the Quads to avoid the Tram line is a good call and will get you where you want to go quickly.  With the medium density product, the off trail will be piling up quickly, so expect some harbor chop conditions in the high traffic areas.  See you there for the Sun and Fun.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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