2-10-17 by dave

It was very warm again this morning, with threatening skies, and spring like snow on the hill.  Though it was warm, the Northerly flow promised to bring colder temps., which will lower the snow level to put a nice coat on the hill.  The high winds parked the Tram, so the Quads were the key to getting up the hill.  Up on top, there were wind smoothed lines on all sides of the hill that were very carve-able and predictable.  The middle of the hill was variable as the temps. warmed, and the consistency was variable.  The lower elevation was feeling like a May day with a snow cone feel that was very spreadable and fun.  There was quite a bit of traffic, as folks were coming from Park City where it had rained all night, and others were making their way down from Jackson where the weather created some serious problems.  Here is a shot of the storm clouds as they streamed down from the North.  Snow began falling later in the day, with accumulation continuing for the duration of the storm.  Tomorrow, look for colder temps., quite a bit more accumulation covering the hill, and a lot of pressure for the goods.  The hill is smooth overall after all that wind work, so all the fresh lines will be good to go and will offer smooth blasting. There may be some crusty crunch on the lower third of the hill that will be reflecting through the new product, so expect some static on that count.  Still, it will be great to have fresh Essence to work into the hill.  I will be taking the day off so enjoy the goods.  Speed Safely!!

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