2-09-17 by dave

The temps. were very mild this morning, but the snow on the hill had been smoothed by the wind and was offering very nice lines.  Mineral Basin had a bit of dust covering the Groomers, which made them feel smooth and velvety, but the wind sent me back to the front of the hill to take advantage of the long steep pitches that were in abundance there.  I was hitting the some of the lines that I have been holding off on due to the persistent rumble usually resident, but with the wind filling action they were deluxe and were holding up run after run.  By noon, the ambient warmth really began to morph the pack on the lower third of the hill into a much thicker consistency that made my knees begin to squawk.   I was able to squeeze out a few extra runs on the upper elevations before I called it a day.   Here is a shot of the upper deck of the remodeled Creek Side facility in Gad Valley.  It is very nearly complete and will be a great addition to the amenities on the Gad side of the hill.  I will get more shots when they open it up for the public.  Tomorrow, look for some very interesting weather to be on tap.  This warm pattern will bring rain to the Valley, but we will have to wait and see where the snow level settles.  The hill is very smooth overall, after all the wind, making the terrain ready for more accumulation.  Check the Bird Mountain Report for a better look at the temps.  See you there to see how it all shakes out.  Stay Frosty!!

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