5-02-13 by dave

This morning was a sunny rebound from yesterday’s visibility issues.  The fresh snow had been tilled into the mat, refreshing the quality with some firm, but Winteresque feel.  Mineral Basin offered a White Diamonds extravaganza, with a smooth crystalline corn feel, and very light traffic.  The Peruvian Gulch groomers were also offering nice feel and consistency, which had no elevation variability due to the very cold morning.  The temps were still quite cold and stayed cold until late in the afternoon.   Regulator did not thaw out until 2:00PM.  when it became really excellent.  The Cat crew did a nice job of tenderizing lines on the hill, and the light wind deposited accumulation gave tooth to the ride.  Tomorrow, look for another cold morning, with great lines from the early hours, getting smoother and softer as the day warms up.  Follow the Sun for the best of the day, and expect nice turning as the dance floor softens.   The off trail is still very tricky, and requires a bit more softening to overcome the rumble, but keep your eye out for off trail goodness.  Here is a shot of some wild wind affected icicles that were arrayed on the Patrol Shack window.  See you for more Spring fun with the great cover and smoking lines.  IBBY!!DSC01486

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  1. David Nathan says:

    Dave… The Powdermafia will be doing the 6th annual Running of The Elvii on Saturday May 11. We were planning for about Noon. You posted a picture of us with you on the tram-deck last year. We were hoping that you would’nt be taking that day off, and could do an honorary run with the Kings. I also wanted to invite you to our party that evening. Email me back if you get a chance…

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