5-03-13 by dave

It was another great day of Corn Goodness from bell to bell.  Mineral Basin was offering soft goodness from the first Tram and lapping the back bowl was a treat with very low traffic.  The Peruvian Gulch was firm, but was still holding some of the cold that penetrated the snow pack for the last stretch of very cold weather. It needed a bit of time, so I got with the Forklift Breakfast club early to let softening occur.   The Gad side needed a long time to break, but that is what keeps the day going strong, letting the different aspects break as they will.   The off trail sections that had been closed in the AM were opened up around 1:30 Pm when the softening was in full effect.   That offered some very nice lines, as the low rumble has been melting back into the pack.   Everyone was in full back to back mode as the hill hit the sweet spot, and it was great to see the high octane vibe, which was reminiscent of big powder days.  Tomorrow, look for another cold night, so there will be a freeze, and Mineral Basin will be good to go from the opening bell.  There is still a Northerly flow, so you can expect a similar timing on the hill.  There might be some late afternoon clouds building in as a Low pressure passes to the North, but for the most part it will be another Spring bonanza.  Here is as shot of Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering marking a big X in the sky right over the peak.  How nice of them.   Syrup won’t stop ‘Em!!!DSC01487

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