5-01-13 by dave

There were ultra light flakes falling on the Trailer as I headed up the Canyon this morning.  The peak temp was 12 Degrees,  ultra light fakes were falling, and there was up to 2 inches of fluffulessence covering the dance floor.  The Grooming crew did a nice job, and the covering of dust gave the frozen lines some cushion and feel.  Visibility was at a premium, but I visited Mineral Basin where the Sun was trying to peak through the clouds.  I was the only one out there, and it was eerie looking back up at my tracks on the big groomer with not another person in sight.  That was very rare indeed.  The Front of the hill was consistent top to bottom, with  enough visibility to make the turns solid, keeping the fall line good to go.  I stayed away from the Gad side of the hill, going for the trees for reference.  It was so cold today that there was not going to be any softening, and the cloud cover kept the flurries falling off and on all day.  Tomorrow, look for the new product to get worked into the machine worked lines, so they will be a bit more forgiving.  The Sun is promised to be shining, so get there early before the RaysDSC01477 start working it, though it will again be quite cold.   Dress for the temps, as it payed off this morning, and I was in full January layers.  Here is a shot of the Icicle display I was shooting the other day.   Syrup won’t stop ‘Em!!!

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    They’re in everybody’s pancakes!

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