3-24-16 by dave

The day dawned bright, sunny and cold with fresh areas still waiting in the wings.  With Powder Paradise held up for control work, the morning crew worked the buffed lines on Lupine Loop that were Winter cold and dry.  A tour of Lewis and Clark offered tantalizing lines that had not been touched yesterday, however, those off trail lines had been worked heavily by the wind and they were nice, but needed full attention to deal with some of the grabby characteristics.   Here is a shot of the Sunday Cliffs waiting in the wings and getting control work done. BOOOM!DSC03695It looks stellar, but those high winds overnight were promising to make those lines a bit of a challenge, and since they were smooth, you just had to go.  On the front of the hill, the Groomers were soft, dry and chalky top to bottom, making deep arcing turns solid and predictable.  The off trail was a bit stiff as this storm provided some medium density product that demanded full attention as well.  The cold morning held up as clouds moved in around Noon, keeping the Sun from warming the air very much, and it also kept the Sun from working the direct aspects.  The Road to Provo opened to a full court press, but the wind affected snow pack made it too deceivingly tricky.  Some areas had been stripped clean by the wind, making those sections slick indeed. DSC03694 I stopped into the Summit for a short break and found Megan, the Summit manger getting ready for the lunch rush.  She keeps the place running smoothly.  I stopped by the PIZZA station for a Slab of ZZA, where they make a thin crust pie, baked in a stone oven, that is hard to beat, let alone at 11,000′. DSC03693 I love this facility and spent some time in there yesterday watching the storm pound the peak in the warm comfort of the big glass room.   Tomorrow, look for some overnight flurries to have delivered a light coating on the hill.  There is more weather moving in later in the day, with more accumulation forecast for this impulse.  The light will be flat, but visibility should be good.  Look for the Groomers to be still offering smooth dry chalk on all sided of the hill.  The off trail will still be stiff and interesting, but it is workable though variable.  See you there for the morning session.   Speed Safely!!

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